Frequently Asked Questions

  • Proof of identification and proof of residence not older than 3 months;
  • Your entry way needs to be ready as per specification provided on our portal before installation can commence.
  • Online portal available at name
  • Mobile application is available for download via your app store, simply search under your estate name with the word fibre (i.e. Pinnacle Point Fibre).
    A help and feedback section is available from the mobile app’s side menu bar.
  • Call: 044 004 0260
  • Email:
  • You will not require any fibre or WiFi equipment, unless you want to extend the WiFi coverage in your house, in which case one or more WiFi Range Extenders would be required.
  • The installation will be complete up to the point of working WiFi.
  • You will also have an Ethernet network point available where you can physically connect computer equipment should you wish to.
  • The WiFi supports any WiFi device that is compliant with WiFi standards.
    The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that will be installed in your home is WiFi enabled.
  • Wireless connections are convenient, but a wired connection to your ONT/router (i.e. with a connecting cable) will give you the fastest speeds and is better than a wireless connection.
  • If you are connecting via a corporate VPN (Virtual Private Network) it is likely that this network will limit the speeds you can experience. This is normal for these networks to manage capacity, and you should speak to your employer to check the position.
  • While your broadband connection is very fast, at peak times (typically evenings and weekends) the volume of customers on the network will cause the connection to slow down.
  • Bear in mind that all devices (computers, gaming consoles, etc.) connected to your Fibre-to-the-Home broadband could be using the service at once, and they will all share the capacity.
  • Usually, it won’t matter that much, as Fibre-to-the-Home broadband is fast enough to cope. However, everything has a limit, and if one computer is downloading a large video file, and the kids are gaming online, others may find they have a little less bandwidth available than usual.
  • Some websites will not be able to supply data as fast as your fibre broadband can pass it to you.

Some reasons for slow speed could include:

  • The distance between your device and the ONT/router is too big.
  • Some electrical appliances and devices may interfere with the WiFi signal, which will reduce the data throughput over WiFi. This includes devices such as microwave ovens, electric fences and other WiFi access points in the area.
  • To test the actual throughput of the service, you can access a speed-test website such as It would make sense to test on both a device connected to the WiFi network and a device connected directly to the LAN network of the ONT/router.
  • Pro-rata from the day of activation, monthly in advance.
  • Currently, debit order only.
  • Month to month service: Installation fee applies
  • 24-month contract: Installation fee included
  • 24-month contract - Flexipack: Installation fee included

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